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Milton Court School & Nursery

Working together, we aspire for excellence

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Milton Court School & Nursery

Working together, we aspire for excellence

Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose:

To equip every child with the skills and knowledge required to suceed in modern Britain


Our Vision:  

Milton Court has served as the community hub of historic Milton Regis for over 170 years. We aim to continue doing so, providing each generation of children the academic and SMSC skills and knowledge they need to become aspirational and successful individuals. We want every child to learn in an environment where they feel safe and supported, where good examples of morality, health, wellbeing and behaviour are modelled and expected, enabling them not just to learn, but to enjoy their learning. 


Mission Statement:  

We develop each child holistically, so they are confident, aspirational and open-minded Individuals. From these foundations we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to meet the needs and interests of the children at Milton Court. To enhance and engage learning, the school encourages learning through experiences; building culture capital, memories and meaningful links between practical and theoretical learning. Finally, the school works in collaboration with the support network of each child; the parents, careers, professionals and alike. Through supporting those that are most involved with the child’s development, the school is best placed to drive progress for every child, and therefore, drive progress for the community as a whole. Something the school has been doing for over 170 years.   


Core Values: 

Aspiration        Driven & confident to be the best you can be (Attitude) 

Collaboration  Being a team member, leader and empathetic of others (Action) 

Excellence         Outstanding achievements acknowledged and celebrated (Outcome) 



School Values Powerpoint for our children

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