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Working together, we aspire for excellence

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Milton Court School & Nursery

Working together, we aspire for excellence

Key Documentation

Reading quality texts is central to all of our teaching and learning. 


We provide multiple opportunities for children to access high quality texts:


Guided Reading

  • One guided reading lesson each day for every child in the school
  • The guided reading book list is reviewed each year for every class
  • The texts are chosen based on what the children would enjoy, rich vocabulary, suitably challenging enough and books that each children should read before they leave for secondary school
  • The current books lists for each class can be found in the Long Term Curriculum Map
  • The children are encouraged to read the texts aloud to the whole class, in small groups or quietly to themselves
  • Every guided reading lesson the children are encouraged to discuss and debate the themes, context and characters through the lense of the National Curriculum Reading Content Domains 


English Lessons

  • Pathways to Write is designed to stimulate writing based around an engaging text
  • As such, the children will read and enjoy an engaging text for English and a different high quality text for Guided Reading
  • The texts provided by Pathways to Write have been chosen based on age expectations, rich vocabulary and stunning imagery  


Home Reading

  • Each child is assessed every term using Accelerated Reader
  • Each child is then given a reading range to choose a book from to read at their own pleasure
  • The classroom library is set-up by genres of books
  • Each child is encouraged to explore each genre of books over the course of the term / year
  • This way each child is able to experience and formulate their own opinions of various genres of books
  • Each child is expected to read at home on 5 occasions over the duration of 7 day week
  • Each child is awarded with Dojo points for completing the 5 day reading challenge and is also rewarded with a non-school uniform day
  • Adults in school track the amount each child reads at home, discusses the book with the child and listens to them read