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Working together, we aspire for excellence

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At Milton Court, we believe that all pupils from all ethnic backgrounds, religions and ability, should be able to engage in a high quality Physical Education (PE) curriculum. PE is an integral part in our whole school curriculum. We recognise that the beneficial factors of a high quality PE provision, is a key indicator, for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our PE curriculum coincides with active Maths and Literacy, which will ensure all pupils develop physical literacy and the fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills to excel in a wide range of physical activities, by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all.

Along with an active and healthy lifestyle, our PE curriculum will ; improve emotional well-being, reduce challenging behaviour, increase attendance and develop key skills such as leadership, confidence, social and team building skills.

‘Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity’. John F. Kennedy.



For our PE curriculum, the school utilises the PE schemes created by Val Sabin. All children participate in a range of gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and outdoor & adventurous activities, following a balanced curriculum that develops a wide range of skills. PE is organised into half-termly blocks, which have a theme and will focus on specific skills.


The individual lessons in these blocks all have learning objectives, which are met through a variety of activities, and build on previous learning. There is planned progression built into the Val Sabin scheme of work, so children are increasingly challenged as they move up through school.

With guidance, children set themselves targets to improve the PE skills, and are given the opportunity during Key Stage 2 to be Sports Leaders, where they take responsibility for leading aspects of lessons, officiating and organising equipment.


The school’s PE curriculum gives all children the opportunity to participate in a wide range of physical activities, and is further supported with other aspects of school life (such as Play Leaders, Sports Leaders, House Team competitions, and visits to outdoor education centres). All children also take part in competitive games during their PE lessons, in extra-curricular activities, and through regular house team competitions; children are also given the opportunity to represent the school in a wide variety of sports where they compete against other schools.



The school strongly believes that regular physical activity – in free time, in structured PE lessons and in organised competitions – is essential for the healthy development of all children, both in body and in mind. PE is assessed through observations during PE lessons, and considers aspects such as leadership, team work, and tactics, as well as skills and physical attributes). Children are also given the opportunity and encouraged to assess their own performances (and understand how to improve).


The impact of the PE curriculum is that the children at Milton Court will take with them a love of exercise and physical activity that will last a lifetime, and will give them good physical health, good mental health, confidence, motivation, friendship and joy.